How do you charge?

We normally charge according to project basis. The customer tells us the details for the job to be done and we provide a quotation based on this. Once the quotation is agreed upon, we start work on the project. For minor changes in the design, we do not charge extra. If the changes required by customer is significant and involves additional cost, we will inform the customer upfront before proceeding with the additional work.

Do you have a hourly charge rate?

Where applicable, we use hourly rate of US$19/hour. This is a general guide for all design work.

Do you charge for preparing a quotation?                              

All our quotations are provided free.

What are your payment terms?

Generally we use 30 days payment term upon submission of invoice. Where applicable we provide breakdown in payment according to completion stages agreed upon - the breakdown details varies according to project.

What are your service hours?

We work normal office hours and put in additional hours (daily, weekends and holidays) whenever there is project in hand. 

Do you provide resident engineer service?

Yes we do - currently only for companies within 100km radius from our office.

Do you do tooling design?

No we don't. We focus on product mechanical design.

Do you do equipment / machine design?                        

We can provide design services for the equipment structure and unique components but we do not cover electronics / electrical / pneumatics / software etc. of the equipment.

Do you do graphics design?                                                

Our graphics design is limited to decals used on product / component.

Do you do electronics design?                                            

No we don't. We focus on product mechanical design.

Do you do packaging design?                                             

No we don't. We focus on product mechanical design.

Do you do Industrial Design?                                              

We do not create Industrial Design but we can support Industrial Designers by converting their 2D images and hand sketches into 3D CAD models.

Are you familiar with data transfer via Internet?

Yes we are. We regularly use electronic data transfer in our projects.

In one line what can a customer expect to get from Tujuh Engineering?

We provide our customers fast, reliable and quality service at a reasonable cost. 



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