1. Can I purchase this book in e-book version?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
    We do not plan to sell this book in e-book version.

2. I am residing in Malaysia. Can I make the order payment without using credit card, PayPal or Western Union?
    Since this book is published and shipped out of Malaysia, we can receive payment
    via other channels besides credit card, PayPal and Western Union for orders made in Malaysia.
    Please contact zulfikar@tujuh.com to get more details.

3. What if I have enquiries when I am using the book?
    You are welcome to send your enquiries regarding this book contents to zulfikar@tujuh.com
    and we will answer your questions.

4. Do you have a refund policy if I am not satisfied after using this book?
    We are not able to entertain requests for refund once the order is processed and payment is made.
    In order to help you decide whether this book will be of benefit to you, we have made available in this
    website a significant number of pages which were extracted from the book | book extract pages |.
    Besides, we are selling this book at a very reasonable price which already includes the international registered
    airmail postage charges. We will check each book for quality assurance before shipping it to customers.

5. What is the dimension of the book?           
    The size of this book is 297 X 210 mm (A4 size). The book contains 60 pages.