Presently we offer only 1 course. However we are flexible in our approach
and welcome any enquiry for customised courses such as part time course,
shorter duration course and also 1 to 1 training.

Course title : Certificate in Product Mechanical Design

Course content :

1. To follow syllabus in our in-house published book titled
Product Mechanical Design - A Guided Training Course - Beginner Level
| book extract |. The syllabus in the book includes extensive course work / exercises
in product mechanical design.

2. Classroom lessons / discussions in the following topics :

a. plastic component design principles.
b. sheetmetal component design principles.
c. diecast component design principles.
d. rubber component design principles.
e. material selection for components.
f. project engineering activity.
g. packaging design.
h. BOM / partslist for product development.
i. production engineering activity.
j. reliability testing.
k. costing.
l. CAD / CAM / CAE usage.
m. prototyping.
n. illumination design.
o. assembly / mounting design principles.
p. FMEA / DFM activity.
q. documentation / product data management.
r. quality systems.
s. career in product mechanical design.
t. evaluation of new tooling mechanical components.
u. patent in product mechanical design.
v. computer hardware / software for product mechanical design.