1. Who will benefit most from this training course?
    This training will benefit most those who know that a hands on proper training in product mechanical design
    will help to boost their progress as they begin a career (or decided to pursue a career) in product mechanical design.

2. What are the prerequisites for those interested to attend this training course?
    a. minimum age 18 years.
    b. has attended a basic course in technical drafting.
    c. possess own laptop (to be used during the training course) with your own preferred mechanical CAD software
        loaded inside the laptop. Please note that every student will use their own CAD software because our training
        does not include CAD software training and we also do not provide any CAD software to our students.

3. How come the training course does not include mechanical CAD software training?
    We notice that there are many companies providing CAD software training so we choose to focus on our strength
    and our field of experience which is providing a customised training in the field of product mechanical design. In our
    opinion there are not many training opportunities in this field eventhough the demand for good product mechanical
    design personnel is high around the world. In our opinion investing in our course is better compared to investing in a
    mechanical CAD software course because employers know that it is easier to train a technical person to learn another
    CAD software compared to training the same person regarding product mechanical design. In other words, in the job
    market a person with good product mechanical design knowledge gets higher points compared to a person who is just
    well versed in a particular CAD software.

4. Is the training course open for international students?
    Yes the training course is open to all as long as you fulfill the above mentioned prerequisites.

5. What about accommodation arrangement?
    We can assist with accommodation based on individual student's requirements.

6. I want to attend a mechanical CAD software training before attending your course. What CAD software would you
    We suggest you evaluate all the main mechanical CAD softwares available before choosing one. Our recommendation
    would be Pro/Engineer.

You are welcome to send any enquiry to zulfikar@tujuh.com